Gig 5 of 6 for the weekend is done. Last show is tomorrow! Wanna see a magic show with a few of Hawaii’s magicians? 6:00pm at the Kalihi-Palama library for the Fizz, Bang, Read magic show to promote the summer reading program. See you there! It’s free! (at Blaisdell Center Pikake Room)

I was stuck in the elevator with @ns_midknight and @jasontheballoonguy for over 15-minutes in the elevator and it was hot! We got out safely after being told it would be a 45-minute wait by the emergency technician. We were blessed to have been released earlier. What an adventure. #stuck #elevator #hot (at Seven Palms Bar & Grille)

Last day of sub teaching. Back to work full time next week Thursday. Here’s a nice craft activity the students made. “bed” to help out with reversals. Loved it! Thanks @jot013 for all your support.

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